Aaron "Dice" Ellington
"Freeze the meat!"
Played By Michael Barker
First Appearance Brook is Burning
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Race Half-Elf
Age  ???
Hair  ???
Eyes Blue
Other Information
Class Wizard
Alignment  ???
Deity  ???
Items  ???
Known Relatives None

Aaron Ellington, more commonly known as Dice, is a half-elf wizard and a member of the Provokers. He hails from the marshland kingdom of Talmoor in central Erenoth.

Charismatic, optimistic, and growing in confidence, Dice is a fledgling adventurer and war veteran whose dark side is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal. His estranged daughter resides in Falhast, the great city at the mouth of the Broken Pass. Dice is motivated to save his daughter from the Corrupter's barbarian horde, and assails at all times to further his magical ability so he can help his friends, and do harm to those who would hurt innocents.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Dice's magical abilities have come to appear in various different forms through his journey with the Provokers. However, as he has begun experimenting with his powers, the element of ice and cold has become noticibly present in nearly all of the spells he casts. When he casts powerful ice-based charms and incantations, he often likes to shout out his prominent catchphrase, "Freeze the Meat!"

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