Aerdon Saroscient
Image by Todd Fisher
Played By Nate Vanderzee
First Appearance Brook is Burning
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Race Wood elf
Age  ???
Hair  ???
Eyes  ???
Other Information
Class Fighter
Alignment  ???
Deity  ???
Items  ???
Known Relatives Therys Saroscient (father), Sister

Aerdon Saroscient, also known as Aerdon Swifthand, is a wood elf fighter and a member of the Provokers. He is a former Watcher of Shade Vale, a dense forest in Erenoth's Western Southlands. Aerdon is the son of Therys Saroscient , also called Therys Trollfriend.

While Aerdon spent his early years outside Shade Vale due to his father's exile, he returned there upon reaching adulthood to serve as a Watcher and learn more about his roots and his people. After a few years among the Watchers he fled the land of his kinfolk and wandered the Western Southlands in search of a place to settle down.

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