Immortal Emperor Asmundr, known later as Asmundr the Undying, was the last and most powerful ruler of the ancient Kasrin Empire. The son of King Willamar and brother to Lord Commander Aeras, Asmundr was a prolific magic-user and one of the greatest practitioners of necromancy.

Asmundr ruled during the Undying Age, where undead minions served their living rulers and humans lived for centuries at a time. Asmundr was Erenoth's first known lich, an undead wizard of immeasurable power, whose lifeforce was extracted and contained within a phylactery.

Asmundr was eventually opposed by his brother Aeras, and the empire was plunged into civil war. In the final days of the conflict, Asmundr unleashed the dragons, who had been sealed away by the gods, and brought untold devastation to Erenoth.

Asmundr perished in the Great Scorching, and his empire splintered.

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