Brasswick Feeblehammer
Image by Todd Fisher
Played By Lee Patterson (Juce)
First Appearance Brook is Burning
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Race Hill Dwarf
Age  ???
Hair  ???
Eyes  ???
Other Information
Class Cleric
Alignment  ???
Deity Ilmater
Items  ???
Known Relatives None

Brasswick Feeblehammer is a hill dwarf cleric of Ilmater and a member of the Provokers. He hails from the rolling hills of the kingdom of Bardoth in central Erenoth.

Brasswick wanders the Western Southlands in a crusade to further his doctrine and right wrongs.

Brasswick is no-nonsense and to-the-point, and can be prideful to a fault, but has a warm heart and a loyal countenance to those he considers friends and allies. Capable in battle and true of heart, Brasswick never wavers on what he believes is right, and will stop at nothing to save the Western Southlands from the Corrupter's barbarian horde.

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