An overhead view of Brook in its prime.

Brook was a quiet farming community in the rolling lands of Gwyn Tirod. The settlement was peopled largely by hill dwarves and humans, though there were a few other races mixed into the town. Perhaps the greatest claim to fame Brook has is the Temple of Gefion. The refugees from Brook started the town of New Brook.

History Edit

The town of Brook enjoyed a peaceful lifestyle for multiple decades. However, the Corrupter and his army of G'valt raiders sacked the town as their first target in War for the Western Southlands. The villagers that lived fled to the Wayward Wanderer where Turl, a Brook native, found the four adventurers later known as the Provokers and asked them to retrieve their relic from the Temple of Gefion. With the Provokers successful retrieval of the relic, a box of dirt, small houses began sprouting up around the Wayward Wanderer. With the blessing of their deity to cultivate new soil, the people of Brook began the town of New Brook. Many inhabitants pledged their allegiance to the Provokers and fought in the War for the Western Southlands at Falhast.

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Geography Edit

Brook was the most southern town in the freehold states of Gwyn Tirod. Being the closest neighbor to G'valt, it was the first target by the Corrupter and his horde.

Economy Edit

Brook was an agricultural hub for many farmers who lived in the town and nearby. Many after harvest would travel the Meridian to visit the other towns in the Western Southlands to sell their goods.

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