Centaurs are equestrian creatures with humanoid upper torsos and the lower body of a powerful horse. The Bloodhoof Steppe has shaken under their heavy hooves for ages.

Their appearance is that of brutish humans. Heavy brow ridges that fold over large nostrils shelter squinting eyes. Their humanoid torsos and faces are covered with the same coats of fur as their horse features. They have long hair on their heads, which continues down the their waists much as a mane on a regular horse. 

Archibald the Younger, a chronicler of events in Erenoth, commented that the centaurs have a society that seems much like that of wild horses. The males fight each other and collect harems of mates and weaker males. 

The tribes of Bloodhoof once united under a single leader, Khan Temur the Undaunted, and waged a war known as the Bloodhoof Blitz. They were defeated by the united cities of Aldimeer, Fulgrim, and Hummock

Scholars note that centaurs have mastered a greatly broken form of Common, as well as a more horselike form of bellows and shouts. 

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