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The eagle statue atop the headquarters of the Convocation in Aeras.

The Convocation is a peace-keeping organization that deals with major threats in Erenoth, such as dragons, demons, and powerful tyrants. It consists mainly of paladins and clerics who deal out justice from atop their griffon mounts.

Throughout the lands, they are both respected and feared, not only for their mighty power, but also for their right to act as their conscience directs them in all circumstances. Convokers operate above the law. Indeed, in order to benefit from the Convocation's aid, the leaders of the surrounding nations must agree to place the edicts of the Convokers above their own laws. The Convocation's headquarters are located in the city of Aeras, built upon the floating landmasses known as the Wandering Isles.


Arondel, a fallen Convoker.

The Convocation's involvement in the War of the Broken North was controversial, as many perished under their swords and the elven realm of Alfheim was razed.

Known Members Edit

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