The view from inside The Curtain.

The Curtain is a swanky lounge in the dwarven city of Stone Rift. Entrance to the curtain is very selective, and one needs to be recognized by the community as a gifted individual to have any hope of getting inside.

The lounge and furniture are carved from the black rock of Stone Rift. It is dimly lit by blue lightning lamps. There is no wall to separate the lounge from the canyon, only a curtain of cascading glacial water creates a barrier.

History Edit

The Provokers visited The Curtain during their time in Stone Rift. It was then that Dice revealed what he was carving up to that point.

Notable Patrons Edit

Menu Edit

  • Static Shot - The blue beverage shocks the drinker, making their hair stand on end. This drink is an all time favorite of the dwarves of Stone Rift and it kicks like a mule.

Trivia Edit