Deurgen Bloodmountain
Image by Todd Fisher
Played By Tim Kearney
First Appearance Brook is Burning
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Race Mountain Dwarf
Age  ???
Hair  ???
Eyes  ???
Other Information
Class Paladin
Alignment Lawful Good
Deity Tritherion
Items  ???
Known Relatives Father

Deurgen Bloodmountain, also called Deurgen Bluebeard and later known as the Wandering King, is a mountain dwarf paladin of Tritherion and a member of the Provokers. He hails from the canyon kingdom of Stone Rift in Erenoth's Western Southlands.

Early life Edit

During his path of becoming an adventurer he, alongside Phaluna and Trip, his two best friends in the world, went to the hills. The tree adventures went up but only Deurgen came down half alive, His friend had been killed by hill giants, they were ripped limb by limb. The same giant that killed his friend knowing that Deurgen was alive, amid the wreck of all, flipped him a giant coin. The coin hitting his face landed on the floor and as he laughed mockingly he said: "Why don't you buy your self some better friends next time".

That same coin is the one that he caries, half of it at least. This same coin is what he uses to mark the giants that he has killed and other enemies alike, burning the engravings in it on them. Now this coin, from that moment on has become Bloodmountain's Mark.

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