The land of Erenoth, as drawn by Sellsword Maps.

Erenoth is a large continent on the world of Arbitron. It is roughly 1,000 miles wide from east to west, and 2,500 miles long from north to south (not including Everfrost, which is uncharted and may stretch on for hundreds if not thousands of miles). It has two distinct landmasses, Verglas and Ostrus, connected by an isthmus known as the Throat.

Erenoth is a fairly temperate continent, with temperature extremes occurring in the far north (Everfrost) and distant south (Keld).

To the north is the region known as Verglas (The Northern Kingdoms), which houses many kingdoms including Karn, Krieg, Talmoor, Bardoth, and Torlin. Verglas is generally colder than the rest of Erenoth, with the northernmost kingdoms of Karn and Snarholme bordering the savage land known as Everfrost, which stretches for hundreds of miles beyond the known world. To the south is the Throat, an isthmus that bridges Verglas with the south.

To the south is Ostrus (The Southern Sovereigns). Ostrus is a more temperate land, green and lush. However, central Ostrus is dominated by Sonnegeist, a massive desert of black glass. Sonnegeist was once the heart of the Kasrin Empire. But following the Kasrin Civil War and the Great Scorching, the land was reduced to a lifeless desert dotted with charred ruins. Ostrus is somewhat removed from the northern dominions, with many city-states and the Freehold of Gwyn Tirod operating autonomously.

Viatur, commonly called the Wandering Isles, is a cluster of great islands that float above Erenoth, and houses the kingdom of Aeras, the home of the Convocation, the peacekeepers of Erenoth. They drift from north to south along the western coastline.

Erenoth is the main campaign setting used by Matt Click of A Fistful of Dice.

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