"The axiom, arcana, and antiquity of the speculative realm of Erenoth – a campaign world created by Dungeon Master Matt Click of A Fistful of Dice." Edit

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The World of Erenoth Edit

The axiom, arcana, and antiquity of the speculative realm of Erenoth – a tabletop role-playing game campaign world created by Matt Click of A Fistful of Dice. Erenoth is a fantasy world, loosely medieval in nature. It is featured in the Provokers campaign, an ongoing online Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition game. An ancient and enigmatic land, Erenoth is riddled with long-buried secrets and plagued by undying darkness, forged in dragonfire and quenched in the blood of the gods.

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Heroes and Villains Edit


Aaron "Dice" Ellington of Talmoor


Aerdon Saroscient of the Shade Vale


Brasswick Feeblehammer


Deurgen Bloodmountain


The Corrupter, Warlord of the South


Kinra, Merchant of the East


Elmira Marrowblade of Shade Vale


Dagrim Bolt-Thrower of Stone Rift


Myr Stonegaze of Shade Vale


Algrum Emberhand of Falhast

Dominions and Factions Edit

In the North (Verglas) Edit

In the South (Ostrus) Edit

In the Sky (Viatur) Edit

In the Shadows Edit


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Artifacts and Arcana Edit

Beasts and Denizens Edit









Sessions Edit

The ProvokersEdit

Season 1 Edit

The Provokers: Session 01 - Brook is Burning The Provokers: Session 02 - The Temple of Gefion The Provokers: Session 03 - The Corrupter The Provokers: Session 04 - The Battle of Demeter The Provokers: Session 05 - Shadows Over Stone Rift The Provokers: Session 06 - Lightning Strikes Twice The Provokers: Session 07 - As the Palaces Burn
The Provokers: Session 08 - Blood and Bone The Provokers: Session 09 - The Boneyard The Provokers: Session 10 - All Shall Burn The Provokers: Session 11 - The Troll Tunnels The Provokers: Session 12 - The One-Armed Man The Provokers: Session 13 - Blood Moon The Provokers: Session 14 - A Sound of Thunder
The Provokers: Session 15 - Blood in the Water The Provokers: Session 16 - Falhast, Pt. 1 The Provokers: Session 17 - Falhast, Pt. 2

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