Falhast, bordered on the north and east by the Sonnegeist Desert

Falhast is a city-state in the northeastern part of the Western Southlands. It neighbors the Sonnegeist Desert. It is notable in being the home of Holly Rast, adopted daughter of Provoker Aaron "Dice" Ellington. The Corrupter marched on the city during the War for the Western Southlands, but the siege was broken when the Provokers used the Ring of Three Strides to teleport in reinforcements.

Falhast is mostly populated by humans. It is ruled by a council of guildmasters, each representing a different trade. It is the home of the Guild Arcanum and the Gyre Archives. It is the home of famous wizard Algrum Emberhand.

Falhast was governed by Talmoor until it gained its independence in 1502 AGS during the Falhast Seccesion.

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Falhast is situated on the edge of the Sonnegeist Dessert, a land scorched black from dragonfire. The city stands as a beacon of light in the region.

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Falhast is the largest economic hub in the Western Southlands, so much so that the gold in its banner represents the large exchange of goods and services, as well as the wealth accumulated by the city. Many merchants from along the Meridian travel to Falhast to trade specifically because of its open marketplaces and options for investments. Since the city is in a rather barren spot geographically, most of the food is imported from the south and has a higher price as a result. Many guilds in the city regulate the markets and require membership dues to join. Many of these guilds also actively seek to punish those who try and get around guild regulations.

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