The G'valt Wilds is a marshy, hilly province of Erenoth, located in the Western Southlands region of the continent of Ostrus. The chief denizens are a loose collection of barbaric human, giant, and ogre tribes. G'valt is bordered on the north by Gwyn Tirod. The people of G'valt are descended from human survivors of Kasrin who then interbred with the hill giants and ogres of the south. Because of this, the men and women of G'valt are larger, stronger, and more brutish in appearance than most other humans, making them particularly formidable in combat. They are sometimes called half-giants, ogrekin, or goliaths.

The tribes of G'valt war among themselves primarily, but recently the tribes were subjected and united under the banner of the Corrupter, a being foreseen by G'valt's seers. According to prophecy, the Corrupter will unite the scattered tribes, purge the world of its false gods, and return the people of G'valt to their rightful homeland.

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