Gazkhull Magranzuk, more commonly known as Brokejaw, was an orc of Skull Ridge. A massive hulk, his lower jaw was mangled beyond repair and replaced with a mandible of bone by the barber surgeon Vivis Ect. A tried and tested warrior, Brokejaw was unique in that he refused to use weapons, preferring his fists and feet to deal punishment to his enemies.

Brokejaw commanded the orcs who slaughtered Aerdon Saroscient's squad of Watchers, and was one of the orcs tasked by Chief Hivor Blackbone to retrieve the Godsword for the Corrupter.

The Provokers found Brokejaw in the charred remains of Shade Vale, and bested him in combat, ripping his jaw off.

Brokejaw was portrayed by Lloyd Collins (Jarl DM) in the Orcs of Skull Ridge one-shot game.

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