The Bastion of Haldrathene is a high elven city-state in central Erenoth. Haldrathene is located on a small island of the same name just off the western coast of Sonnegeist. Their towering city is built upon the ruins of a Kasrin stronghold, and the high elves utilize ancient and mysterious technologies in their armor, weapons, and structures. Haldrathene elves are reclusive and somewhat xenophobic, treating rarely with the surrounding dominions and hoarding their wealth, resources, and knowledge.

The elves of Haldrathene are masters of psionics, the magic of the mind, and are capable of manipulating the metal alloy mizurium with thought alone. This allows them to craft beautiful and nigh-indestructible armor and weapons.

Elves of Haldrathene do not worship any gods. Instead, they revere Zeltana, the Mind Mother. Zeltana is believed to have been the very first psionist in Erenoth, and her remains are stored in a vault in Haldrathene. Many Haldrathene elves believe that the Mind Mother speaks to them through telepathy.

The greatest of the Bastion's warriors are known as centurions, and specialize in mental manipulation and forming weapons with mizurium. The centurion centuries are each commanded by a praetor.

It's believed that the high elves of Haldrathene are direct descendants of the elves of the ancient Elder Imperium.

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