R169 457x256 2786 Screaming Giant 3d fantasy monster picture image digital art

Jesse Sandifer

The Hellscreamers are a group of elite warriors of G'valt formerly led by the fearsome Una Strongsong. They earned their name through their battle tactics, which consist of debilitating their foes with a terrible high-pitched scream before charging in to finish them off. The power of their voice is such that it can not only be used to damage foes, but also to propel themselves into the air, making them formidable, agile adversaries.

The Hellscreamers were tasked by the Corrupter to kill the Provokers in Stone Rift, but they were defeated, and Aerdon Saroscient killed Una Strongsong after the battle.  

The Provokers encountered them again in the hut of Emory Suresteel.  

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