Humans are the predominant species in Erenoth. They are prevalent and diverse, and outnumber non-human races four-to-one on average. Ancient elven texts speak of humans arriving in Erenoth on hundreds of ships, many thousands of years ago. It is believed that these early humans settled the eastern coast of Ostrus during the final days of the third Elder Imperium. During the decline of the old elven empire, humanity flourished. It is unknown where they emigrated from, though many scholars believe they were escaping slavery and hardship elsewhere in the world.

Among the humans of Erenoth, different ethnicities exist.

Northfolk Edit

Men and women of Verglas, northern humans generally have paler skin and fairer hair than their southern brethren. They are also typically larger in stature.

Tirodians Edit

The humans of central Erenoth (predominantly Gwyn Tirod) have duskier skin and stouter statures than Northfolk. Their hair ranges from dark brown to vibrant red, and their eyes are typically earthy in hue.

Keldsmen Edit

Men and women of the southern jungles of Ostrus have darker skin and hair, and generally have green or brown eyes. They are typically taller than Tirodians, but not as broad as Northfolk.

There are also goliaths and tieflings, which are both half-breed species of humans.

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