Karn is a province in northern Erenoth, on the continent of Verglas. It is ruled by the Confederation of Karn, formerly known as the Kingdom of Karn. It is bordered to the north by the Anvils and Everfrost, and to the south by the forest realm of Alfheim. It is a harsh, cold land, dotted with crags and a handful of pine forests.

For centuries, Karn was ruled by an unbroken line known as the Gray Kings. King Morris Gray waged a war against the elves of Alfheim during his reign. The conflict would come to be known as the Alfheim Incursion. King Morris never fathered a male heir, and prior to his death, split the throne of Karn down the middle with Lux, the Blade of Kings, proclaiming that no man had the right to rule in his stead.

Karn was plunged into years of civil war, with its nobility and neighboring kingdoms vying for the Sundered Throne.

The War for the Sundered Throne Edit

After two decades of unending conflict, Lord Bradley Gnash the Steelhanded assembled several groups of adventurers in an effort to place an heir on the throne. With the counsel of the elven seer Salres Stormgaze, Gnash had been made aware of a half-blood heir living in Alfheim. Morris Gray had fathered a son with an elven woman during the Alfheim Incursion – and this boy was the answer.

Talgren Gray was crowned by Gnash, finally putting an end to the civil war that had plagued Karn, and forever forging a bond between the realms of Karn and Alfheim.

The Confederation and the War of the Broken North Edit

The half-elf King Talgren Gray ruled for 40 years. By all accounts he was a fair and just king. He was advised by Lord Bradley Gnash in all military matters until the lord's death 12 years after his crowning. Salres Stormgaze also advised the boy, but mysteriously disappeared from Karn 10 years after Gnash's death.

Talgren saw opportunity in the lands to the south – he saw a chance to create a legacy and renew the glory of the Gray Kings. Uniting the noble houses of Karn with the elves of Alfheim, Talgren formed the Confederation of Karn.

The War of the Broken North raged for years, only ending when Viatur, the Wandering Isles, appeared on the horizon, and a hundred Convokers were dispatched from Aeras to quell the unrest. Talgren Gray was cut down by Convokers, and as the Confederation forces retreated through Alfheim, the Convocation set fire to the forest.

Aftermath Edit

Following the War of the Broken North, Talgren Gray's daughter, Selyse Gray, was crowned. Alfheim came to be known as Charwood. And the Convocation came under intense scrutiny for its part in the war, and the ruination of Alfheim. Karn has yet to recover from its disastrous defeat.

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