The Kasrin Empire, formerly known as the Kingdom of Kasrin, was an ancient and powerful civilization that formed in central Erenoth on the world of Arbitron.

Consisting of hundreds of nomadic tribes, the people of Kasrin established cities and banded together against the savage clans of Erenoth, most notably the orcs.

During the Age of Expansion, King Adelburn conquered much of northern Erenoth and secured Kasrin's borders against the orcs, giants, centaurs, and others. It was during Adelburn's reign that arcane magic came to the forefront of Kasrin culture.

Centuries later, King Willamar returned from an incursion in the north, and Kasrin became known for its widespread use of necromancy. During the Undying Age , the mages of Kasrin became pioneers in the magical practice. Asmundr, Kasrin's first emperor, became Erenoth's first and most powerful lich.

Following the Kasrin Civil War, the empire crumbled.

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