New Brook is a fledgling town in Gwyn Tirod started by the refugees of Brook around the Wayward Wanderer.

History Edit

After the sacking of Brook by the Corrupter and his army of G'valt raiders, the townspeople of Brook fled to the Wayward Wanderer where Turl, a Brook native, found the four adventurers later known as the Provokers and asked them to retrieve their relic from the Temple of Gefion. With the Provokers successful retrieval of the relic, a box of dirt, small houses began sprouting up around the Wayward Wanderer. With the blessing of their deity to cultivate new soil, the people of Brook began the town of New Brook. Many inhabitants pledged their allegiance to the Provokers and fought in the War for the Western Southlands at Falhast.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

Politics Edit

New Brook does not concern itself with politics or any form of government as it is a brand new settlement and the people are just looking to scrape by. However, many of the people look to Turl Loam as their leader, though.

Geography Edit

New Brook is in the heartland of Gwyn Tirod, a fertile and arable area. The Wayward Wanderer was the only geographical landmark before its creation.

Economy Edit

New Brook is an agricultural community rooted (no pun intended) in its past from Brook. Many barter and trade with merchants from along the Meridian. Kinra, who was already at the Wayward Wanderer during New Brook's beginnings, provided many vital resources to the new town to help it get on its feet.