Orcs are a humanoid race prevalent in Erenoth. They are brutish and savage in appearance (and often in disposition). They share a common ancestor with humans and elves, and therefore can mate and reproduce with both species. Once the most prolific of the savage races, they have dwindled over the centuries and been driven back into the wilds and dark corners of the world by entities such as the Elder Imperium, the Kasrin Empire, and the Convocation of Aeras.

Orcs are larger and broader than both humans and elves, and what they lack in cunning they more than make up for in strength and tenacity. They are resourceful, skilled in war, and in-tune with the Way.

Orcs can be found just about everywhere, being both hardy and adaptable, but there are three primary orcish settlements on Erenoth:

Skull Ridge: An orcish enclave in Shade Vale, located within the massive skull of the Old One. The orcs of this settlement utilize the flesh, blood, and bone of the deadly creatures they hunt, fashioning armor from the hides of mastodons and cutlasses from the forearms of sabercats.

Winter's Wail: An outpost of tundra orcs, built inside the ruined Kasrin castle of Willamar's Reach, located in the infinite wasteland of the Everfrost. These orcs are descended from the orcish exiles of the Age of Expansion. They are savage, relentless creatures, raiding every year past the Anvils for supplies.

Shadow Keep: An expansive fortress located in the Dark Roads below Erenoth, these albino orcs are greatly feared by surface-dwellers. Little is known about them.

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