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“I suppose this is kind of how it happens, isn’t it? Y’all come into a tavern, total strangers, walk out with some sort of adventuring band? Maybe have a name for yourselves even, like the frolicking rhinos?” - Rhian, The Provokers: Session 01 - Brook is Burning
Rhian Gesturn, also known as Rhian the Enchantress, is the retired human adventurer and co-owner of the Wayward Wanderer, a roadhouse in Gwyn Tirod.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about the origins of Rhian, although it is inferred that she was born around ~1965 AGS.

Sometime later, she became a sorceress of increasing power and sought adventure with the Bleakwalker party. During her time of adventuring, she encountered Rorge Firebrand,  Kardün Burrows, and Helge Sunsmite, a cleric of Helial, and formed the Bleakwalkers, and group whose tales include the slaying of dragons, wraiths, and traveling into the Bleak. During her time adventuring, she carried a yew staff with a smooth topaz gemstone on the top as her arcane focus.

After considerable traveling, Rhian fell in love with her dwarven companion Rorge and the two settled down, married, and pooled their funds to purchase the defunct tower of Southreach in 2002 AGS. The Bleakwalkers exorcised the restless spirit of Feron the Tower wandering the outpost and began renovations. In three short years, Southreach became the Wayward Wanderer.

Rhian, now in her mid-fifties, manages the front of the house, serving drinks, bringing out food, and checking in guests, while her husband, Rorge, handles the kitchen.

During the formation of the Provokers, Rhian encourages their endeavor to help the town of Brook.

Personality and traits Edit

Rhian has blonde hair with streaks of silver, blue eyes, and pallor skin. She begins to show the signs of aging with a few wrinkles. Rhian typically dresses in brown and tan tunics, with equally colored pants and a usually stained apron. She trots around with leather boots.

Rhian is generally nice to all that enter the Wayward Wanderer, but it no-nonsense. She's very observant of her patrons and admires the selfless acts of those who wish to help others. However, she cares for her husband, Rorge, the most.

Appearances Edit

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