Illustration by Olie Boldador.

“Are there any corpses in the room? ... No harm, no foul." - Rorge, The Provokers: Session 01 - Brook is Burning
Rorge Firebrand is a mountain dwarf cook, brewmaster, retired adventurer, and co-owner of the Wayward Wanderer, a roadhouse in Gwyn Tirod.

Biography Edit

Rorge's origins are unknown, other than his birthplace of Snarholme. During his formative years, he began combat training as a fighter and became specialized in the warhammer.

Sometime later, he encountered the sorceress Rhian, Kardün Burrows, and Helge Sunsmite, a cleric of Helial. The group formed the Bleakwalker party, known for the slaying of dragons, wraiths, and traveling into the Bleak. During his time adventuring, he carried the magical warhammer Toebreaker that could shatter armor and bones. His prized weapon now sits over the mantle in the Wayward Wanderer.

After considerable traveling, Rorge fell in love with his human companion Rhian Gesturn and the two settled down, married, and pooled their funds to purchase the defunct tower of Southreach in 2002 AGS. The Bleakwalkers exorcised the restless spirit of Feron the Tower wandering the outpost and began renovations. In three short years, Southreach became the Wayward Wanderer.

Personality and traits Edit

Rorge is broad-shouldered, muscled, and yet rather portly. He has a long coarse beard and an equally long haead of hair, both as black as coal. After years of adventuring, he is missing multiple teeth, now replaced with falses, and many fading dwarven tattoos.

Rorge is as boisterous and booming as his Forge Whisky, still as rambunctious as his adventuring days. He still will go hunting from time to time, but mostly takes pride in his quiet life as a brewmaster, crafting his Forge Whisky, a drink so powerful that it can knock a patron with weak spirits unconscious. It's alcohol content is high that many times his brews go wrong and explosions erupt from the kitchen. Despite all this, Rorge is still joyous and loves his relationship between him and his wife, Rhian.

Appearances Edit

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