Selgank is an orc of Skull Ridge. Unlike most of his people, Selgank was born at the fringes of human civilization, and was exposed to many different cultures. He even managed to get some rudimentary education. He was orphaned at a young age and was raised by the half-orc shaman Durguth who took him in.

In time, the old shaman died, and Selgank took to wandering, making his way in the world using his cunning and the few skills and magic he had learned from Durguth, finally settling near Skull Ridge, providing minor services for the local chieftain Hivor Blackbone.

Selgank is an atypical orc. He is smart (for an orc) and well spoken (also, for an orc). He uses his guile and intelligence to win over other, larger orcs. He is well known for his stories and jokes, which also makes him very popular despite his less than impressive build.

Selgank was one of the orcs tasked by Chief Hivor Blackbone to retrieve the Godsword for the Corrupter.

Selgank was portrayed by Alex Gillot (Captain Gothnog) in the Orcs of Skull Ridge one-shot game.

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