Sangrutt Guruk is an orc of Skull Ridge. Snagrutt was born on the battlefield – the same day both his parents were slain. He survived on his own in the wilds of Shade Vale until he was 12. The orc tribes were slow to accept him as an adult, as he possesed few skills beyond hunting. But Snagrutt began to make a name for himself as a fierce warrior and soon took a liking to orc women of all kinds, fathering dozens of bastard sons and swelling the orc population.

Snagrutt wears a crude helmet made of the broken shields to protect his face (his greatest asset). His preferred weapon is the longbow.

Snagrutt was one of the orcs tasked by Chief Hivor Blackbone to retrieve the Godsword for the Corrupter.

Snagrutt was portrayed by Robert Ogre in the Orcs of Skull Ridge one-shot game.

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