Stone Rift is a hotbed of electrical energy.

The Diarchy of Stone Rift is a mountain dwarf kingdom in the Western Southlands of Erenoth. The kingdom consists of a large city built within the walls of a massive canyon, with a handful of outlying settlements and outposts.

History Edit

Stone Rift dwarves are descended from the northern dwarves who refused to pledge fealty to the Kasrin Empire and fled to the south in an event known as the Great Exodus.

Geography Edit

It is bordered to the west by Gwyn Tirod, to the south by the G'valt wilds, and to the north and east by the White Crags.

Politics Edit

Stone Rift is also unique in that it has at all times two kings, rather than one. A King of the Toil (responsible for overseeing the kingdom's commerce and industry) and a King of the March (responsible for commanding the kingdom's military). The current King of the March is Balrok Hornhelm. The throne of the King of the Toil sits empty following the execution of the traitor Nosmir Stormhammer.

Economy Edit

Stone Rift is unique in its utilization of lightning. The city is plagued by near-constant lightning storms (some legends say it was the lightning that carved the canyon; others pose that it was a primordial of thunder), and the dwarves have become quite adept at collecting and harnessing the lightning energy in everything from electric lamps to thunder-infused weaponry.

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