Talmoor, bordered on the west by Bardoth and to the north by Iridos.

Talmoor is a kingdom on the southern coast of Verglas, Erenoth's northernmost continent. It is dominated mostly by marshes and woodlands, with many waterways running through the territory and emptying into the Blackspire Inlet. It is one of the oldest northern kingdoms, founded shortly after the fall of Kasrin Empire and the Great Scorching. It is notable as the birthplace and homeland of Provoker Aaron "Dice" Ellington and a chief operating hub for the secretive Umbercloaks. It also houses a Convocation outpost, called Glaspool.

Talmoor is populated mostly by humans, but also boasts sizable populations of elves, half-elves, and halflings. There is also a considerable half-orc population in the walled city of Harod.

Talmoor governed the city of Falhast until the latter gained its independence in 1502 AGS during the Falhast Secession. Talmoor was instrumental in the War of the Broken North.

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Talmoor participated in the War of the Broken North, employing a lot of Magickers.

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The Riverbear, a mount for the fearless

The Riverbear and its riders are highly respected by its people. A native explains...
"Talmoor is a super-dope place with a lot of mothafuckin' riverbears. Have you ever SEEN a riverbear? No?
Let me explain...
A riverbear is a big-ass mothafuckin' OTTER that can rip your goddamn face off. That's what it is. It's a god-damned-BEAR that lives in the fucking RIVER. You think you know what "badass" looks like? Well, if you haven't seen a riverbear, you ain't got a fuckin' clue.
Bitch..." - Sir Mikael B'arker, Talmoor native
"Gotta love 'dem Riverbears..." - A Riverbear Lover

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