The Provokers Season 1 is a 17 episode long 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign DM'd by Matt Click and starring Michael Barker as Dice, Tim Kearney as Deurgen, Juce as Brasswick, and Nate Vanderzee as Aerdon, with special appearances by the RogueDM as Matron Elmira Marrowblade.

Summary Edit

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Themes and Motifs Edit

  • Good vs. Evil
  • Corruption - While the 'corruption' of Arondel aka the Corrupter is a very outward and obvious representation on the dwindling morality that happens on a person. The Corrupter, aptly named, was once a Convoker who turned his back on his order who later goes on to corrupt the barbarians in the Western Southlands and the Stone Rift king of toil Nosmir Stormhammer. Both of these corruptions throw the whole region into chaos and blood. However, the Provokers also lose parts of themselves in their quest to rid the Western Southlands of the corruption. Early on the party tricks Kinra the merchant at the Wayward Wanderer in an act of greed that they later pay for. Many of the party members see their faces or body parts become mangled or scarred due to the harsh bloodshed they must endure. Towards the end of the season, these effects compound and Dice becomes distant, scarred and battered throughout his journey and increasingly distant from the party. He covers his face with a mask, paralleling the Corrupter's hiding of his face. Many other party members go through periods of bending their morality even unwillingly, such as the case of Aerdon being affected by the Scale of Xertal.
  • Blood/Sacrifice - The spilling of blood, usually an act of sacrifice, is another repetitive theme seen through the Provokers S1. So much so that 3 of the 17 episodes have the word 'blood' in the title. The theme is best seen throughout the party actions of the Provokers who embody sacrifice. Their story begins with act of sacrifice of journeying to Brook. They sacrifice their bodies by enduring pain and spilling blood. They sacrifice their time. And most of all they sacrifice themselves by putting the safety of others over themselves by defending the weak and rallying the good left in the land.
  • Justice - Deurgen
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