In the crumbling topmost floor of the Wayward Wanderer, once the mighty tower of Southreach, lies the skeletal


remains of Feron the Tower, Keeper of the South. Slain by dragons and buried in the rubble of the watchtower he commanded for nearly two centuries, Feron’s restless spirit wandered the stone corridors of Southreach, dragging his massive greatsword along the floor and killing any who dared enter. Rhian Gesturn, Rorge Firebrand, and Helge Sunsmite, members of the Bleakwalker adventuring party, defeated the vengeful wraith and granted him peace, using his massive blade as a gravemarker on the pile of rubble that had become his tomb.

The Tower’s Blade is a greatsword of fine Kasrin steel, rippled with composite alloys. The hilt is ironwood, carved to resemble the towering silhouette of Southreach, and two bloodred rubies are inlaid in the crossguard. It’s said that Feron split a dragon down the middle with this blade, before dying as the tower crumbled.

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