Trolls are plantlike monstrous creatures who once roamed the land of Erenoth in much greater numbers. They are immortal creatures, never dying of old age and regenerating lost body parts. However, they can be killed by fire. Many theorize that the trolls were born of the blood of primordials, much like the dragons were, but this is merely conjecture.

The trolls were hunted almost to extinction by early dwarves, wielding enchanted axes called trollcutters.

Green Trolls Edit


Abzaan, the green troll warden of the Boneyard.

Green trolls were, at one point, the dominant species on Erenoth. Much of their great culture has been lost to time, however, and it's believed that fewer than two dozen still live. Green trolls are passive by nature, and practice the shamanistic arts. They have a deep, spiritual connection to Gaea, which they call the Way.

Known Green Trolls Edit

Red Trolls Edit


A feral blood troll in the tunnels beneath Shade Vale.

Red trolls, also called feral trolls or blood trolls, are much more numerous than their more civilized brethren. Unlike green trolls, red trolls have little connection to the Way, and wander the world alone or in loose packs, hunting and killing. Red trolls are creatures of rage and violence, and are greatly feared.

Blue Trolls Edit

Blue trolls, also called frost trolls, are prominent in the north of Erenoth, namely the region of Verglas and the tundra of Everfrost. They are savage and violent, but less feral than their red-skinned cousins.

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