Vivis Ect is an orc of Skull Ridge. He is a wandering barber surgeon trained by a former animal doctor. He has notably gaunt eyes, webbed flaps on his neck, and webbed digits. Vivis has been known to dissect people alive.

Vivis has spent time in human cities, training and observing. He trained with a necromancer, and allowed the man to conduct experiments on him. He has several scars across his wiry, webbed frame where organs were removed and regrown by an unknown process. He gets his living mostly by ritual circumcisions, abortions, ritual embalming, and amputations. It's rumored that he once had a relationship with a tiefling woman.

Vivis has found somewhat of a home in Skull Ridge, where his skills as a surgeon are put to good use modifying and "improving" orc warriors. His skills are recognized and even admired in Skull Ridge, and one of his greatest works is Brokejaw,

Vivis was one of the orcs tasked by Chief Hivor Blackbone to retrieve the Godsword for the Corrupter.

Vivis was portrayed by FaunTrodden in the Orcs of Skull Ridge one-shot game.

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