The War of the Broken North was a catastrophic, widespread conflict initiated by the newly-formed Confederation of Karn forty years after the half-elf King Talgren Gray's ascension to the Sundered Throne of Karn. Talgren united the houses of Karn with the elven tribes of Alfheim to form the Confederation, and struck out at the bordering northern kingdoms to claim new territory and forge a new legacy for Karn.

The conflict ended with the intervention of the Convocation. Squads of Convokers were dispatched to quell Talgren's southward advance, and Talgren perished under their swords. The forest of Alfheim was burned to the ground during the Confederation's retreat.

Talgren's daughter, Selyse Gray, assumed the throne of Karn and declared peace in the north. The north has yet to recover from this disastrous conflict.

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