High King Willamar, known later as Willamar the Soulless, was the last king of Kasrin before it became the Kasrin Empire. A direct descendant of King Adelburn the Conqueror, he was the father of Asmundr and Aeras, and a pioneer of necromantic magic.

After driving the orcs from Verglas, Willamar and his legions pursued them into the frozen wasteland known as Everfrost. Four months later, he returned with knowledge of ancient necromantic magic. With this knowledge, Willamar extended his life by centuries and ushered in the Undying Age, wherein the undead served the living and humans no longer feared death.

After serving as king for 600 years, Willamar was murdered with poison by his eldest son, Asmundr, who assumed the throne and took the mantle of emperor.

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