Wood elves are a subrace of elf, more common to the woods and jungles of Erenoth. Like humans and orcs, wood elves are descended from the Abzu. They are shorter and stockier than high elves, and tend to have duskier skin and darker hair. The three largest settlements of wood elves in Erenoth are Shade Vale, Charwood (formerly Alfheim), and Keld. Wood elves are more numerous than their high elf kin, but have a similar reputation for isolation and xenophobia.

Shade Vale Edit

Also called bone elves, the wood elves of Shade Vale are a cloistered people, united under a matriarch. They utilize the bones of the creatures of Shade Vale in their weapons, armor, tools, ornamentation, and structures, and revere the Old One as a godlike entity. Aerdon of the Provokers is an elf of Shade Vale, and formerly served as an elite guard in the Watchers.

Charwood Edit

Also called burned elves, the wood elves of Charwood are scrappy survivors and loyal wardens of the wood. Charwood, formerly known as Alfheim, is a forest realm in northern Erenoth, bordered to the north by Karn. Charwood was once a lush forest, but the Convocation burned the forest down during the War of the Broken North. The elves of Charwood currently tend to their ruined home, attempting to regrow the mighty direoaks that once grew there.

Keld Edit

Also called tree elves, the wood elves of Keld live in the branches of the First Sapling, a millennia-old tree in the southern jungles of Erenoth. They live alongside forest gnomes and practice druidic magic.

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